Main Interiors

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Bedroom Pack

1 x Double Duvet
2 x Pillows
1 x Mattress Protector
1 x Fitted Sheet
1 x Duvet Cover with Matching Pillowcases
2 x Cushions
1 x Bed Runner
1 x Bedside Lamp



Living Decor Pack

4 x Cushions
1 x Large Mirror
1 x Large vase
1 x Living Room Artwork
1 x Hallway Artwork
1 x Decorative Bowl
1 x Artificial Plant
Coffee table, sideboard, rugs, blinds curtains and curtain poles are optional extras.

Basic Kitchen Pack

One 16 piece dinner set
Set of 3 tea towels
Tea, coffee & sugar canisters
Cutlery tray with 16 piece set of cutlery
A set of 3 saucepans
A selection of cooking utensils, spatulas etc.
Can opener
Cheese grater
Vegetable peeler
Salt & Pepper shaker
16 piece glass set
1 Kitchen roll pole
4 Mugs
Oven gloves
Washing up bowl
Dish drainer
Oven tray
Chopping board
Artificial Plant


Bathroom Pack

1 x Bath Mat
1 x Three Piece Towel Bale
1 x Chrome Toilet Roll Holder
1 x Chrome Toilet Brush
1 x 3L Chrome Bin
1 x Hand Wash dispenser
Shower Curtain – optional extra if required